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Optimizing and Understanding Your Choices

Guidance on optimizing intake choices and understanding what your choices mean to your body are key principles Dr. Ross has been very effective with.

If you have questions about the evils of “_________” that you have heard so much about, come and learn what you can believe and what to do about it.

Learn About Nutrition

Personal choices are the one thing we control. Let us help you make the best choices.


Hydration – balance, need, associated problems with deficiency such as increased frequency of kidney stones, UTI’s, fatigue, and headaches


Herbs – how these can complement our food choices and improve function


Supplements – their role, benefits, limitations, and what they cannot do


Specific meal plans such as proper nutrient balance for the bodybuilder or simple steps to optimize energy, as well as true healthy lifestyle diet building

Featured Articles

Read some of our nutrition-related articles:

7-day Meal Examples (weight loss version)

by Dale J. Ross M.D. I want to present some examples for a meal plan directed at a very reasonable and appropriate level of intake for a weight-loss effort. I understand that many will look at the table and refute “reasonable,” as well as appropriate, but this is very...

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Meat and Potatoes

by Dale J. Ross M.D. People frequently find me and ask about various aspects of nutrition; which I am always quite glad to discuss. I find that they are often striving to understand what is best for their bodies in the big picture. When it comes right down to personal...

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Nutrition 102 – Overindulgence

by Dale J. Ross M.D. Most people probably have an idea that they have over done it when they really over eat. However, I have also found that most people have normalized dysfunctional eating patterns. This means that the types of foods that are common and readily...

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