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Healthy Encouragement will be an evolving page to include education, patient stories, and medical topics to ponder.  Posted articles are also made available in PDF format for easy downloading and printing. New articles will be posted every few weeks.  I appreciate the interest in this site and will work to increase what can be offered.

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Why Is It Important?!

by Dale J. Ross M.D. Why is it important if you take your medicine, exercise your body, consider what you will eat? Is there a true imperative? What is the vital necessity of so much advice, prescribing, and ordering in medicine? Every being is self-willed and...

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Nutrition 102 – Overindulgence

by Dale J. Ross M.D. Most people probably have an idea that they have over done it when they really over eat. However, I have also found that most people have normalized dysfunctional eating patterns. This means that the types of foods that are common and readily...

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Diabetes Mellitus Type II – Part III

Part III – I want to fix this! by Dale J. Ross M.D. It is said that the best time to plant a maple tree if you wish to harvest and make syrup is twenty-five years ago; the next best time is now. The best time to treat DM is before you ever develop it; the next best...

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Nutrition 101

by Dale J. Ross M.D. Start by taking an honest assessment of what you like to eat; I mean what you really enjoy. Take a few moments and make sure you know what these are. Now if you were seriously considering a pause in reading on to go and get one of these things,...

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Diabetes Mellitus Type II – Part II

Part II – What is going on with my body? by Dale J. Ross M.D. Diabetes mellitus type II (DM II) is about hormone and endocrine dysfunction – the body message and response system, as related to incoming calories, has been overwhelmed and tuckered out. Commonly the body...

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Diabetes Mellitus Type II – Part I

by Dale J. Ross M.D. Diabetes mellitus type II (DM II) is a complex problem. I have heard it described as a death sentence, just a fact of life, and a wakeup call, among other things. Some patients have come to me out of fear that they will be “put on insulin” or die...

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