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Body Building • Power Lifting

Sports Programs

Speed • Strength • Agility • Mind-body Discipline • Conditioning

Weight Control & Physical Rehabilitation

Weight Loss • Better Nutrition • Physical Assessment & Rehabilitation • Atrophy Correction

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Private Fitness Center & Personal Training

A complete private fitness center is in development with hands-on personal training. Supportive life-style approach to change as well as goal directed focus for individual efforts. Regimen development support to achieve your own cardio, strength building, weight-loss, toning, sport, and/or job specific routines is available.

Full Spectrum Fitness

Every person has their own vision of what is being “in shape.” Dr. Ross is knowledgeable, has a proven track record of success with, and is able to provide support in a full spectrum of health endeavors. Whether for the competitive athlete, those with particular job requirements, weight loss (to include morbid obesity), or any of many areas:


Strength training




Sports specific programs for speed, strength, agility, mind-body discipline, conditioning . . .


Industrial program for off-season and returning to work


Physical function assessment and rehabilitation


Better living through better nutrition


Weight loss


Body building


Power lifting


Mixed martial arts conditioning


Post-op and non-use atrophy correction

These are some of the areas Dr. Ross has previously assisted his patients with. He will be glad to work out a routine depending on your needs if you would like this type of assistance.

Fitness center membership is an included component of all standard annual medical care plans and consists of the full level of direct assistance in all areas noted above, including nutritional support and education depending on the member’s desires and needs.  Fitness center membership is also available as an independent service.

Fitness Center – A Range Of Equipment

The Fitness Center is continuing in its development.  Currently it includes:

A complete 12 unit Cybex selectorized system which can be the basis for any of the following:
  • a fantastic circuit based cardio routine
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for cardio:resistance balance
  • strength based and mass building routines.
Additional Equipment
  • a training cage is in place for chin-ups, dips, vertical knee and leg raises and other body weight exercises
  • a heavy bag and speed bag platform are also available
A wide range of training & fitness equipment
  • approximately 3,000 pounds of free weights with tri-grip plates
  • commercial urethane coated dumbbells from 5-95 pounds
  • squat rack
  • benches
  • high and low pulley
  • plyo boxes
  • glute-ham developer
  • recumbent bike
  • inversion table

As we continue to develop and expand, suggestions for new equipment are welcome.

Independent Fitness Center Agreements

If you want to make it happen, I want to see it a reality.  A full year comes down to just an average of approximately $2 per day or $60 per month when paid in full.  This can be a significant upfront fee, but the discount is offered specifically for this level of commitment.

Again, there is no added cost for gym access for any active medical plan members.  Medical plan members can receive more in-depth and personalized exercise and nutrition support above and beyond basic gym members.

credit-cardsMajor credit cards may be accepted and can ease the impact by paying upfront or through recurring billing.  Credit card services do have a user fee associated with them.  Please discuss these options with Dr. Ross if these would be of interest for you.

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