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by Dale J. Ross M.D.

This is an initial exercise accompaniment article. It is intended more for those that have previously or do currently maintain a regular workout routine.

Aerobic versus anaerobic exercise is frequently argued over as to which should maintain a post as the paradigm for optimal health and those who would follow its goals. To be sure, this has much more implication than say whether you prefer to hear the good news first or the bad news, when you will hear both within the next 30 seconds anyways.

Both exercise concepts should be understood for what they are and what they can offer, rather than believed to be a choice of superiority:inferiority. Desired outcome, time constraints, and resource availability are important factors playing into what regimen may be best utilized at what time. Aerobic exercise can take many forms nowadays, with video assisted routines, swimming, biking, instructor based classes, walking, and running being some of the most prevalent. Anaerobic routines, resistance training, can also be formatted for aerobic application, e.g. circuit training, Cross-Fit, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Having been a distance runner in high school and while in the Marine Corps, I know the value and virtue of aerobic exercise. I was also involved with anaerobic exercise even back in high school and have found how valuable this is for me personally as well as how important an exercise modality medically. My articles are not about attempting to lay out a one-size-fits-all mandate on a 60/40 split or some other ridiculous set of numbers. They are intended to be a support for understanding what can be gained and how to emphasize your desired outcomes. I will review and discuss resistance training options more, as they can be a bit more complicated and even intimidating for a novice, as well as problematic and frustrating for plateau development when inadequately understood or implemented for the die-hard gym rat.

Optimal outcomes will never result until an appropriate nutrition basis is developed and continually adapted for the evolving body and varying routine. This means you either personalize a shrewd understanding of good nutritional principles, or you are working with someone who has this until you gradually develop it yourself. What role proteins, fats, and carbs have and how they will be utilized and at what times in relation to rest, sleep, and exercise do they perform for what function are base precepts that will greatly enhance any workout routine let alone improve normal daily function.

With this as prelude, it is time to take one step back . . . then be ready to AATTTTAACCKK!!!!!!

Step forward without fear and embrace what can gain you life; we have been created for much more than what we typically are content to achieve.

Future article: Exercise, where do I start?