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Part II – What is going on with my body?

by Dale J. Ross M.D.

Diabetes mellitus type II (DM II) is about hormone and endocrine dysfunction – the body message and response system, as related to incoming calories, has been overwhelmed and tuckered out. Commonly the body has made valiant efforts to ram out enough insulin by forcing the pancreas into double on double shifts. The blood sugars are maintained where they belong through this because your body cares so much for you. What is going in however is not what the body needs so, at some point it has to stop; it cannot keep up. At this point the pancreas makes less insulin, which means blood sugars start to rise. When blood sugars rise, bad things start happening. The body attempts to adapt but it is hard to win a battle you are no longer able to fight in.

Since you do not get all of the nutrients from your food, you start to have less energy. Your body attempts to flush out all of the damaging extra sugar by dilution, you start taking in more liquids. Your triglycerides and cholesterol begin rising because the body cannot do much else with all of the extra calories floating around. Visual changes occur because of the fluid inside the eye. All of this happens so gradually and from the inside, that you do not even notice a difference.
Now that the high sugars are established, the body resets the meter and a normal blood sugar of 82 would put you on your back. The body thinks that 273 is low enough and encourages you to eat to feel “right” if it thinks it is going to go below this. All of that excess blood sugar just swirls around and causes damage 24 hours a day however. The cholesterol numbers typically climb and plaques build up – that means preparations for your first heart attack or stroke are underway. Your immune system is weakened if not crippled and your body cannot heal as well. Further, flushing out all of that sugar has dehydrated the body. 

The body was created magnificently, but where does it go from here? How does it come back when you likely do not even know something is wrong yet? You just chalk it up to the job, wife/husband/kids, that nasty cold, stress, “getting old,” or anything else that easily comes to mind. You need the knowledge to make a change here. You need to know what has happened, that you in fact have diabetes. You need to know what it does, how your body responds, and how to start treating yourself so that you strengthen your body and allow it to fight in the battle again.

Look for the coming article: Diabetes Mellitus II Part III – I want to fix this!

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(The foregoing is a simplified example of the most common scenario in development of DM II, a fuller description or more personal review would be best done in person.)