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Rawhide Health is about you as the patient. The goal of Dr. Ross and Rawhide Health is to provide you with the time, advice, and support you need.

Rawhide Health is about you as the patient. The goal of Dr. Ross and Rawhide Health is to provide you with the time, advice, and support you need. Your health is your gift to develop, maintain, treat, or ignore; but it is what you will live and die with. How you choose to go about the living and dying – life with all of its ups and downs– is what Dr. Ross would like to help you with. He has traveled and lived around the world, but his medicine is based in his straight-forward, common-sense, North Idaho upbringing.

If you would like to have a doctor be your doctor and think first and foremost of your needs and understand what is important to you, and then take all the time he needs to, to explain what all the options and science mean, Rawhide Health may be just the place for you. 

Dr. Ross understands that your choices are just that, his advice is also just that. If you come to an understanding of what is important to your health and want to act on Dr. Ross’ advice, he will gladly work with you. If you gain knowledge and appreciate his advice, but are not ready for a certain step or specific change, Dr. Ross wants to encourage you towards your best health, not push you somewhere you do not wish to be. 

We welcome new patients/interested people and families to take some time and come meet with Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross is board certified and is trained in broad scope rural family medicine.  Formal training includes time as Chief Resident with appointments as adjunct professor to the University Of Wyoming and Clinical Instructor status to the University Of Washington School Of Medicine. He attended medical school at one of the preeminent institutes in the United States, Dartmouth Medical School. 

Core college education was here in Idaho at the University of Idaho. He graduated Summa Cum Laude achieving a Bachelors of Microbiology from the College of Letters and Science and Bachelors of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the College of Agriculture.  He achieved minors in psychology and chemistry as well.  These academic points are important, but his family, his time and travels as a U.S. Marine, his belief in his Creator, and the good ol’ common-sense that he was raised with have proven time and again how chief these latter things should be. 

Dr. Ross has led organizations large and small.  He has worked with the scared child, the elderly man concerned for his wife and her future without him, the triumph of personal changes overcoming weight, heart disease, and diabetes.  Dr. Ross is back home to offer others what he can with what he has been given.